I think it’s safe to say that every single cell-phone-having person alive has been in this situation: you need to charge your phone. You can’t charge your phone. Because you’re outside, or because you don’t have a charger, or you’re out in a public space with no outlet available.

Sure, portable chargers exist, but the problem with most of them is you need to charge THEM in the first place, and you’re up the creek without a paddle if you neglect to do that.

If only there was an energy source that was powerful and ominpresent enough to charge a portable charger throughout the day. We could give it a short, strong name like, “the sun.”

The Little Sun Charger gets its power from just that, the sun. And it only takes 5 hours of exposure to the sun, which the Little Sun Charger optimizes with its “intelligent charge monitor feature” to give your phone a complete charge. Other solar chargers need as many as 20 hours to give your phone a full boost.

The convenience can’t be beat. Since the Little Sun Charger is collecting energy for much of the day, then as long as you keep it exposed to the sun, the charger can and will power anytime, anywhere. You connect it to your phone with a standard USB cable.

Did I mention it’s absolutely gorgeous?

There’s still more advantages to using the Little Sun Charger, though. It comes equipped with a handy and powerful night light. It’s environmentally sound. It utilizes uniquely laminated solar panels. And it’s trivially easy to take anywhere – light, but sturdy. It works with virtually every make and model of smart phone.

The story behind the Little Sun Charger is an inspirational one. The designer, artist Olafur Eliasson, is an advocate for energy equality, and bringing the power of the sun, which should benefit everyone the same, to some of the poorest corners of the earth.

He started this mission with the Little Sun Lamp, which is a solar-charged flamp primarily intended for use in places where electricity and light at night cannot be taken for granted. He has worked extensively in sub-Saharan Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular to advance these worthy goals.

By purchasing the Little Sun Charger, you are not only helping yourself, but a portion of the proceeds will go towards bringing energy to the places on Earth that need it the most.

So there’s really no good reason not to snap one up as soon as possible. It is expected to ship in March 2023.

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