There’s a lot of streaming video apps these days with a lot of cool features and gadgets, but none really come with any sort of philosophy or hawt take on life.

That’s where the Beme app is different. Have you ever wished you could show someone else the world through your eyes? That is to say, all the unedited, unfiltered glory in which you see the world, giving someone a chance to really walk in your shoes?

Beme gives you that chance. Download from the App Store (or from the Google Play store for Android), create an account, and press your phone against your chest. Or your forehead. It starts recording and, once you pull it away from your chest/forehead (assuming at least four seconds has passed), it immediately posts your video to their social media platform. You can’t edit it. You can’t filter it. It’s immediately published for the world to see.

Beme, if you haven’t figured it out yet, means “Be me.” The only way to do that is to give the world the uncut version in which you live your life. That’s how Beme has a philosophy, and has conjoined technology with that philosophy.

Yes, as you might imagine, it’s pretty easy to cheat the “just show the world in front of you as you see it” ethic. Hold it against the palm of your hand and point it to your face, for example. Like Wikipedia, there’s a bit of an honor system in play if you want to use it as intended. But if you DO use it as intended, it’s a pretty unique app and social media platform.

About that social media platform: it’s a little bit like Twitter, in that you have followers and you follow people. When you want to “react” to one of the Beme clips, the app activates your forward-facing camera, capturing your face. So the “reaction” feature is not just an icon or an emoji, it’s your literal, facial reaction (or whatever else you’re pointing your screen at, I suppose. Again, there’s an honor system).

It all adds up to not simply a cool idea and implementation in video streaming, but in social media as well. Now is as good a time as any to Beme up.

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